Chrischis Geckos

Albura ♀ ( Tremper Albino Eclipse Blizzard / Diablo Blanco )

Amber ♀ ( Tremper Eclipse Murphy Patternless / Ember )

Apollonia ♀ ( Tangerine Bell Albino Aberrant )

Blendi ♀ ( High Yellow )

Bracket ♀ ( Mack Super Snow )

Colgate ♀ ( Super Hypo Tangerine )

Corona Dentis ♀ ( Reverse Striped )

Half-Note ♀ ( Hypo Tangerine )

Lotta ♀ ( Mack Snow Bell Albino Aberrant )

Madame Radix ♀ ( Mack Snow Jungle Eclipse )

Maxilla Jaw ♀ ( Mack Super Snow Tremper Albino )

Naranja ♀ (Sunglow)

Pandora ♀ ( Mack Snow Tremper Albino Eclipse )

Plaque ♀ ( Mack Super Snow Enigma Albino )

Rocketaend ♀ ( Mack Snow Tremper Albino Jungle )

Zora ♀ ( Red Stripe )






I didnt have time to write a report so Im posting this in place until I get on that. Remember to keep your little leos happy! (this also goes for bearded dragons, they do not live in dunes)

Dune picture was from here and the images of the leos are from this book its expensive but for sure worth the read! 

Hia-ley Impartint commentary of the leeper’s geeks! 9.8/10 Learnaboust

Don’t forget the exact same goes for bearded dragons!

OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS! seriously, just made my day! I am sick of seeing people keeping leopard geckos on sand, and using the excuse of ‘its natural’, not just pet shops and owners… but zoos and uni’s, i don’t understand why they can’t do a little research. thanks <3

smittirvb asked: Your enclosures are just beautiful! I'm amazed!

Thank You VERY Much :D

makemybloodthump789 asked: Did you build the entire enclosure? Like the wooden/glass part or just the styrofoam things inside? If you built the whole thing do you have the plans or anything? I'm planning on building my leos a bigger enclosure and I'm looking for good plans to build it

Hello :)
No My Tanks Were Built By Patrik Koch ( ) This Guy Does Magic With His Hands And Creates A Lot For Different Animals & Humans. Contact Him For More.


reptile-prince asked: Do you have anywhere saying what you used for making the bad ass environments for the leopard geckos? I would love to do something like this for mine

Hey There :)
The Different Steps Are Shown In The Pictures.
Materials That I Use For The Background Are :

Tile Cement / Tile Adhesive 

(It Has To Be The Flexible One For Under-Floor-Heating) ,

Hot Glue (Hot Glue Gun)

For The Ground :
Normals Sand For Kids (Washed) Mixed with Adobepowder / Brickearthpowder
And Water. Mixed 1 Powder 5 Sand

Hope Thats Helps You.
If Not ask me another question ;)



Amber &amp; Naranja

Amber & Naranja

Step By Step Leopard Gecko Tank ( I Didn´t Like The Old One)

Step By Step Leopard Gecko Tank

Step By Step Paroedura Picta Tank

Step By Step Leopard Gecko Tank





I Made One Tank Out Of Two :)